"I serve as Mayor of Lodi to help make our community safer, support working families, and address our city’s growing unhoused community issue. I love Lodi and am honored to serve as your Mayor."


Building SaferCommunities

Mikey Hothi has a proven track record of making our community, and California, a safer place for families. Mikey Hothi helped secure over $7,000,000 to combat internet crimes against children.

Workforce Development & Agricultural Tourism

Together, we are moving Lodi towards a stronger workforce who can count on a living wage and business development centered around our home grown products and industries.

Lodi’s Homeless Community

One of the biggest issues facing Lodi City Council District 5, and communities across the nation, Mikey Hothi is helping lead a multi-million dollar statewide effort to create Lodi’s emergency shelter for our unhoused residents. Mikey champions policies to support and reintegrate this community and supports enforcement for law breakers.

Lodi LakeErosion Restoration

One of Lodi's most beautiful family locations, Mikey Hothi helped secure $1,000,000 to fix Lodi Lake erosion.

Cyber Security + Data Protections

When the City of Lodi faced an unprecedented ransomware attack, Mikey Hothi was able to quickly organize the necessary resources and obtain $500,000 for cyber security protections for the City.

Cleaner Waterways &Safer Roads

Mikey Hothi is committed to making Lodi's waterways cleaner and roads safer. Mikey Hothi helped secure over $2,000,000 from CalTrans to clean up our roads and waterways.

Meet Mayor Mikey Hothi

Mikey Hothi

Lodi Mayor Mikey Hothi is a proud Lodi native, who is working to bring good jobs, small businesses, and agricultural tourism to our community. 
After graduating from Tokay High School and then returning from college, Mikey devoted his career to making Lodi a better place to live, and is serving to make sure our City Council is working for the people in Lodi City Council District 5.
Mayor Hothi also serves as a Board Member on the Lodi Fire Foundation.

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Local Lodi Elected Officials

    Jim Cooper, CA State Assemblymember, CA AD-9
    Doug Kuehne, Mayor, City of Lodi
    Tod Patterson, Former City of Lodi Police Chief (ret.)
    Mitch Slater, City of Lodi Planning Commissioner
    Tom Patti, San Joaquin County Supervisor
    Miguel Villapudua, San Joaquin County Supervisor

Lodi Community Leaders

    Charlene & Randy Lange, OwnersLange Twins
    Jazz Dhatt, Owner
    Tuxedos of Lodi
    Mark Price, Lead Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church
    Amritpal Tiwana, PresidentLodi Sikh Temple
    Corene & Dave Phillips, Small Business Owners & Farmers
    Charles Walker, Retiree

Lodi Community Leaders

    Russ Munson, OwnerWine & Roses
    Brittany Lampson, Lodi Teacher
    Joe Cataldo, Small Business Owner & Farmer
    Paul Singh, Small Business Owner 
    Michelle Nelson, Marriage & Family Therapist
    David Diskin, Community Leader


    Lodi Professional Firefighters
    Lodi Police Officers Association
    San Joaquin Building & Construction Workers
    Teamsters 439 & 856
    Sheet Metal Workers Local 104


    Lodi Chamber of Commerce
    Northern Valley Labor Federation
    San Joaquin Deputy Sheriffs Association
    Operating Engineers Local 3
    UFCW 8-Golden State

Mikey Hothi in the News


A Lodi native, Hothi, 29, said he wants to do more to support businesses, individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as create more amenities and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy in town.
“I’d like to provide more support for those who are struggling during this pandemic, address the growing unhoused community issue, and youth services,” he said. “I will work to build more green space, including walking, jogging, and biking trails throughout town. Additionally, I would like to focus on ensuring our citizens and visitors feel safe in Lodi.”
- Mikey Hothi


"Lodi has a thriving wine industry and agricultural business, and I think there’s an opportunity to continue attracting business to the region; we have the downtown core of Lodi that has lots of opportunities."- Mikey Hothi


Tokay Graduate, Mikey Hothi, enjoys work with Elk Grove Legislator, Jim Cooper. “One of my proudest moments working with Assemblyman Cooper was working with him through the budget subcommittee he chairs to secure $1 million for Lodi Lake.”- Mikey Hothi


Indian religions, cultures come together in celebration of Diwali.“It is important to celebrate and understand where you come from." -Mikey Hothi